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Are you looking to get a quality German degree to kick start your career? Do you want to start an international career in Europe and search for a flexible, affordable way to reach this goal? Then look no further as our online Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes offer you an international orientation with a focus on business and general management competencies, with fraction of the costs.


At the same time, we use an innovative way to enable you to study at your own pace, place and time. With our study model, we put great emphasis on maximum flexibility and perfectly adapt to your life and your needs. Get your German degree, from one of the largest universities in Germany with over 27,000 students, without sacrificing your job or family commitments.

What we offer

Our Master and MBA online courses are the most innovative, modern online study programmes worldwide. Our programmes are highly flexible and high quality with a strong emphasis on the practical side and numerous services and innovations to help make your studies easier.

Our graduates display intercultural skills, a good English skills and extensive knowledge of general management, opening doors to attractive international workplaces and a head start for their careers in management across all industries.

See here some of our advantages:

  • Complete online studies with GERMAN Bachelor & Master
  • Starting any day
  • From 1 year to 5 years
  • Monthly or yearly payment upfront
  • Possibility to Go2Germany after ready


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Your advantages if you study with

PM Education

  1. Work and study at the same time
  2. Study at your own individual pace and ability
  3. Study from anywhere, any time
  4. Achieve intern. German Bachelor and Master degree
  5. Study from the safety and comfort of your home
  6. Avoid traffic jam such saving money and time
  7. Start your semester any time
  8. Pause your studies any time
  9. Meet international professors online for you
  10. Study courses that are not available where you live
  11. Get help from study coaches online and offline
  12. Get support from study angels

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What do I need to study online?

For our Master and MBA programmes you need a Bachelor's degree, English language skills and professional experience

Personal skills
Are you ready to go the extra mile for your career? Then you have exactly what it takes to start online study. By completing an online programme at IUBH, you will demonstrate self-discipline, excellent time management, motivation and perseverance – skills that are in high demand on the international job market.

English skills
This course involves reading learning content and undertaking a range of written assessments and engaging in online forums and discussions. Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication.

Digital Equipment
Your study will take place entirely online. This means you will need a stable Internet connection, a suitable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or PC) and have basic computing skills.

As The IUBH is an online-learning institution, no visa is required to study with us and you won’t study on campus. Instead you simply study with us wherever you are in the world.

What are the course fees?

You can find information about the costs of our programmes under at the respective study programme site.

What study materials are available?

Interactivity is a top priority for us. This means that you will have numerous online learning materials at your disposal. This includes video tutorials, podcasts, interactive PDFs, presentations and e-books from our online library.
Further, we stress the practical relevance of our teaching material by using case studies and reports from everyday work life. We also attach great importance to intensive exam preparation through non-graded self-tests.

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